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Herbert F. Schliesser

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An Option II Paper Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College in the University of Nebraska in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Master of .Arts, Department of Speech and Dramatic Arts, Under the Supervision of Dr. Herbert F. Schliesser. Lincoln, Nebraska: January, 1969.

Copyright (c) 1969 Jane C. Peterson


This writer believes that basic generalizations can be drawn about speech sound discrimination ability and its relationship to articulation defectiveness. Therefore. an extensive and critical review of the available literature seems appropriate. In order to draw conclusions about the value of testing an individual's ability to discriminate among speech sounds as related to his articulation defectiveness, it will be the purpose of this paper to describe and critically evaluate the research on this topic, including special consideration of the speech sound discrimination tests developed and used by various investigators.

Advisor: Herbert F. Schliesser