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Thesis (M.A)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1966. Department of Romance Languages.


Copyright 1966, the author. Used by permission.


The aim of this thesis had been to show how Ghelderode, using the theme of Death and orienting his work toward the sense of the audience, realizes the high dramatic goal of eartharsis. His theater is in many ways an experimental one. His attempts to appeal to man’s senses led him to incorporate both new and old theatrical techniques in his works. He helped reemphasize the role of the clown and of the mime on the stage.He showed how audio visual ingenuity could be used to enhance and deepen the effect and meaning of the play.He experimented with scenes containing the plasticity of paintings and worked to support movement and action with a music and rhythm which issued from the production itself.Ghelderode was successful in these experiments for they became an integral and necessary part of his work.The playwright did not, however, allow his applications of theatrical technique to destroy his pursuit of entertaining and meaningful drama.These ideas among several others are examined in detail throughout this thesis.

Advisor: Reino Virtanen