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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1950. Department of Bacteriology.


Copyright 1950, the author. Used by permission.


A comparison of the effect of heat, filter, and ethylene oxide sterilization of media with regard to effects on the subsequent growth of bacteria and the amount of growth as measured by the transmission of light is an essential part of this study. Two species of non-sporulating anaerobic bacteria were used in this investigation.Six cultures of the genus Bacteroids were obtained from the American Type Culture Collection, Washington, D.C.; the other four were obtained from Mr. Kenzo Kuroda of the department of Bacteriology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.All ten species were isolated from the gastrointestinal tract of man. Growth of all six species used in this investigation was attained in several synthetic media without pyruvate as a component of the medium.

Advisor: Robert A. West