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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1967. Department of Organization and Management.


Copyright 1967, the author. Used by permission.


It shall be the purpose of this study to examine the new issues of industrial subordinated debentures in the period, 1955-1965, and seek to determine the prominent provisions of the subordinated debenture contract and if there have been any significant trends or changes in the contractual provisions during this period.

The sources of data used in this study were the new issues of industrial subordinated debentures issued by industrial firms during the period, 1955-1965, with these limitations: (1) The issues of subordinated debentures of United States corporations were obtained by a search throughout the 1965 issue of Moody’s Industrial Manual and the indexes of the 1955-1964 and the 1966 issue of Moody’s Industrial Manual. This search resulted in a total of 535 new issues which accounted for a total volume of $5.3 billion. (2) A sample of ninety-four subordinated debenture issues with a total volume of $697 million was selected from the universe of 535 new issues.The universe was arranged in alphabetical order by the year of issuance and each sixth issue was made part of the sample.In some instances, Moody’s Industrial Manual did not provide sufficient information for the purposes of the study and this necessitated the use of the seventh issue in the list.

The study to determine whether there have been any significant trends in the contractual provisions and the major contractual provisions of industrial subordinated debentures will be approached by an examination of the major provisions, individually in each chapter of this thesis.

Advisor: Loyd K. Fischer