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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1947. Department of History.


Copyright 1947, the author. Used by permission.


Many of the basic tactics used by almost all branches of service in the U.S. were developed during the Civil War.It is the purpose of this study to analyze those tactical developments and how they were made.No effort has been made to give a detailed account of all battles of the war.The maneuvers of the major encounters in which tactical innovations were used are related.The Civil War was essentially an army affair, although the navy played an important part in many campaigns.Naval tactics are not considered as such, but the two services were necessary to the successful completion of the campaign.

The study was undertaken in an attempt to ascertain how much of the world’s knowledge of war tactics was affected by the developments of the war between the States. This is accomplished by discussing the condition of the armed forces and the commonly accepted tactical principles used in 1860.By considering major battles chronologically, it can be seen how tactics of the major branches of the army underwent steady change.The main tactical developments can be recognized as basic principles used in most wars since the great conflict of the American Civil War.