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Thesis (M.S)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1962.


Copyright 1962, the author. Used by permission.


The effects of married high school students on their unmarried classmates was investigated in order to determine the differences between students attending (1) schools where married students were permitted to attend, and (2) schools where married students were prohibited from attending.The variables under consideration were courtship progress, dating behavior, attitudes of acceptable age to marry, source of sex information, degree of interest in school, parental concern about married students attending school, and the number of students experiencing pregnancy out of wedlock.A questionnaire was used to obtain data from 195 unmarried juniors and seniors attending public schools within a prescribed area of Nebraska.The sample was obtained by a matching process selecting six of those respondents who completed a survey blank which was designed for the purpose of discovering the nature of the school policies regarding married students.The school administrators who responded and were selected to partake in the study assisted the researcher in selecting the students to complete the questionnaires.The chi square test was used to determine the significance of the differences among responses of the students in the two groups with regard to the selected variables.

Advisor: Ruby Gingles