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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1948. Department of Social Work.


Copyright 1948, the author. Used by permission.


This study has been undertaken in an effort to discover some of the factors associated with the use of the Creche as a resource for a child during some portion of the time he or she is supervised by the Child Welfare Association.This purpose has led to the formulation of the following questions:

1.Is the Creche serving a useful purpose in providing a resource to the Child Welfare Association of institutional placement for certain children?

2.Was the fact that frequently placement was needed for more than one child in a family a factor in the choice of an institutional resource used by the agency for placement?

3.Was the marital adjustment of the parents a factor in the request for placement of the child?

4.Does the length of time the child was known to the agency before placement in the institution have any bearing on the length of time the child is in the institution?

5.Was the age of the child at placement a factor in the length of stay in the institution?

6.Are economic or social factors significant determinants in the placement of the child?

7.Does the behavior of the parents in relation to boarding payments, visits and promises to the child have any bearing on the success of his or her subsequent adjustment in his own home?

8.Did the social situation alter for the child during the time the child was in the Creche and in what ways?

This study is based on a group of nineteen, white, protestant children of girls and boys in residence in the Creche on January 1, 1945.This case study was limited due to time constraints and the policies of the institution.It is the intention of the author to use the conclusions drawn from the study to answer the above questions.