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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1956. Department of Vocational Education.


Copyright 1956, the author. Used by permission.


It is the duty of the school and the teacher to do the best job possible in helping the students understand, and work effectively in, the society in which they must live.The use of audio-visual aids as a supplement to teaching techniques has received special emphasis in recent years.

Many studies have been made regarding the use of teaching aids.However, a study of the use of teaching aids by vocational agriculture teachers has not been conducted in Nebraska.The goal of this study is to provide valuable information which could be utilized to facilitate the use of such aids in the future.

Some of the results of this study are:

1. There is a limited amount of some teaching aids equipment and materials available to vocational agriculture instructors in Nebraska.

2. Teaching aids are not being used by vocational agriculture instructors as extensively as they could be.

3. Vocational agriculture trainees should be encouraged to take an audio-visual aids course in their undergraduate preparation for teaching vocational agriculture.

Advisor:Arthur B. Ward