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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1956. Department of Classics.


Copyright 1956, the author. Used by permission.


Very few historical data can be given concerning the life of Sextus Aurelius Victor.Only one definite reference to this Roman author by an ancient historian has been preserved.Ammianus Marcellinus tells us that Aurelius Victor was a model of temperance and that he was made consular governor of Pannonia Secunda by the Emperor Julianus in year 361 and afterwards prefect of the city.

That is the sum of the information we can glean from ancient sources.The remainder must be inferred from his writings.

This investigation hopes to reveal more about Sextus Aurelius Victor through his writings.

Some of the conclusions discovered by this investigation are:

1) Sextus Aurelius Victor was of African descent.

2) Appears he was not a Christian, although may have been converted.

3) His writings show a great love of learning and his disgust with the decline of moral values in Rome.

4) He was a man who believed nothing more renowned and worthy of praise than learning, human kindness, and virtue.