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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1950. Department of Entomology.


Copyright 1950, the author. Used by permission.


An investigation of the olfactory response of Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) to a number of chemicals was conducted at Lincoln, Nebraska during the 1949 and 1950 seasons.Chemicals were exposed in the field in three types of traps and tested in the laboratory in two different olfactometers.The fundamental principles of chemotropic response and the history of attractant investigations are discussed.

A number of factors which can cause negative data in attractant investigations are discussed in relation to methods and equipment used in this study.

Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) was not attracted to the chemicals under the conditions encountered in this study.

Several species of muscoid flies were trapped in certain chemicals in much greater numbers than were caught in the controls.

Musca domestica L. appeared to respond to stimulus by ethyl mercaptan.

Advisor: M. H. Muma