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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1971. Department of Animal Science.


Copyright 1971, the author. Used by permission.


Under practical ruminant feeding programs, it has been shown feasible and desirable to partially replace expensive protein with cheaper non-protein nitrogen supplements. Numerous non-protein nitrogen sources have been tested and shown to support a positive nitrogen balance in ruminants under particular conditions. Undoubtedly, urea has attracted the major portion of experimental attention. The purpose of this study was to investigate ruminal urease and the factors associated with urease activity in the rumen.

Three series of experiments were conducted to determine (1) the animal, daily and diurnal variations in ruminal urease activity, (2) the enzyme kinetics associated with urease activity and (3) the influence of diet change upon ruminal urease activity.

Advisor: Walter R. Woods