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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1939. Department of School Administration.


Copyright 1939, the author. Used by permission.


The following specific trends in the principalship for each year studied were the objectives of the investigation:

  1. The sex of the principals.

  2. The training and experience principals have had.

  3. The teaching load of principals.

  4. The salary of principals.

Questionnaires were prepared and mailed to principals of 300 accredited high schools in Nebraska, on April 1, 1938.The list of accredited schools was checked in the office of Dr. A.A. Reed, University Examiner, to assure selection of schools having a professional employee designated as a principal. The list of selected schools included those ranging in size from the very small to the largest Nebraska secondary schools. It was thought that through this method of selection differences in the status of principals could be shown for each size group, as well as for the entire group, and the effect of size of school on the status of the principal thus be demonstrated.

Replies to the questionnaire came in from 158, or 53 per cent, of the principals to whom they were sent.Questionnaires were then sorted into groups according to the enrollment figures for the schools they represented.No attempt was made in this study to take into account any differences in organization and administration of the schools in the different size groups.

Advisor: C. W. Scott