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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1961. Department of Mathematics.


Copyright 1961, the author. Used by permission.


This thesis constitutes an introduction to the study of relation algebras with a special emphasis on their representation.I have attempted to present relation algebras in a three-fold perspective: first, I have shown the historical motivation of some of the ideas involved; second, I have tried to view relation algebras in perspective from the better known and logically less complicated area of Boolean algebras; and, third, I have tried to put relation algebras in perspective as examples of general algebraic systems and, more specifically, as Boolean algebras with operators.As far as I was able, I have provided complete bibliographical references for the concepts involved.A number of ideas and important theorems are included in the footnotes since I felt that there inclusion in the text would add an unnecessary burden of new terminology and definitions and yet that their entire omission would render the paper incomplete.Chapters One and Two were written in the summer of 1960 and Chapter Three was written in early summer of 1961.

Advisor: Hugo B. Ribeiro