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Summer 8-17-2013

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Hier, Ryan G. "Transforming Architecture: Engaging the Built Environment" Master of Architecture Thesis, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2013


A THESIS Presented to the Architecture Faculty of The College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Master of Architecture, Major: Architecture, Under the Supervision of Professor Peter Olshavsky. Lincoln, Nebraska: August, 2013

Copyright (c) 2013 Ryan G. Hier


Contemporary society is transfixed by the newest piece of technology. More often than not these devices serve as commodities; eliminating a certain amount of burden from daily life. The architectural realm is no different. Building design decisions are constantly scruti­nized by their ability to perform, with respect to energy consumption and conservation. However, there is a different type of building performance worth considering: the act of transformation. Transformable architecture has the abili­ty to change structure, space, and function through physical movement of the architecture.

In an age where technology suc­ceeds in disengaging humans from interaction with each other, it can also succeed in the design and fabrication of architecture that facilitates active participation and engagement between users and the built environment.

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