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May 2007


M.Arch Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2007


The project proposed is to implement a master plan for an existing brownfield site. Brownfields are abandoned, idled, or under-used industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated due to real or perceived environmental contamination. Vacant industrial sites, gas stations, commercial buildings and sites with asbestos and lead based paints, as well as, methamphetamine labs can all fall under the heading of brownfield.

This project will be developed in phases. The first phase sets out to understand the design implications that result from the remediation of brownfield sites. I believe that the impact of a remediation will leave a trace on the renovated landscape, the new built environment as a result will respond to those implications in some way. During this phase I will develop an understanding of the various remediation techniques so that I can categorize there impacts. Original Project Proposal The next phase of the project will be more involved than the first, and will focus on planning a development for a selected site. In this urban design study I will focus on a few key architectural design projects, including a large housing area, retail center, office complexes, various green spaces and a transportation hub.

The final phase of this project will focus on one specific area of the master plan, and completely design that area in great detail. This detail site area will fit into the context of the master plan. This portion of the project is still undetermined as to project type, scale and program.

This proposed project will use architectural solutions in the form of building materials, matser planning and orther spatial organization concepts to construct a riverfront dristrict that caters to an active urban environment.

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