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May 2008

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The project will be examining the current master plan of Red Oak, IA to focus in on a deteriorating portion of the city just south of the original town square. There are several buildings being placed on the national record for historic buildings and the area surrounding these buildings is in poor condition. The Thomas D. Murphy Calendar Building is one that is currently being renovated into a large assisted living complex and will serve as a catalyst for new development in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Site in question will have a broad master plan performed to identify both the positive and negative aspects of the surrounding area and what recommendations could be made to improve the site. Once the master plan has been generated the project will then focus on a specific project design within the designated site to later be decided. It will set the basic principles that should be used [not necessarily duplicating precisely what is done] in other new construction throughout the site. It should integrate as many active and passive energy conservation techniques as possible to reduce the strain of future energy demands for property owners.

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