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Spring 5-9-2009


Over the next few years North Downtown Omaha will evolve into one of Omaha’s most exciting and active neighborhoods. The neighborhood already has started with the Qwest Center opening in 2003 and the new College World Series Ball Park opening in spring of 2011. There are condos, hotels and retail shops springing up all over the area. Young people, empty nesters, and seniors are moving to this area to participate in the active lifestyle, enjoy the walkability of the area, and take part in the vibrant street level activity.

A new model for a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is on the horizon. This retirement community is designed for active seniors who want to “Age in Place” and not have to relocate to different dwelling units when their healthcare needs change. The seniors that are attracted to this type of community are looking for luxury condos with the added benefit of provided healthcare.

In order to bring the vision for this CCRC to reality, a feasibility study was completed to determine if a CCRC would be a viable option in Omaha area. The study also located a suitable site to locate this facility. The next process was to develop and design the CCRC to give the vision a form and a reality. The process displayed is comprehensive; merging the planning process with architectural design in order to create a cohesive project.

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