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Business in Nebraska vol. 52 no. 616


Copyright 1997 by Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska.


Nearly 800 businesses and organizations in Nebraska recently responded to the newly launched Nebraska Quarterly Business Conditions Survey. The survey, a joint venture between the Nebraska Departments of Economic Development and Labor and the Bureau of Business Research (BBR), has the following major objectives:

1. to continuously monitor business conditions throughout the Nebraska economy and detect early indications of emerging trends;

2. to assess job creation and turnover by occupation and industry;

3. to track wage levels by occupation and industry; and

4. to identify unfilled demand for labor by occupation and industry.

The second and fourth objectives produce important pieces of information for secondary schools and postsecondary institutions seeking to enhance and expand occupation-specific education and training to meetthe demands of an evolving labor market. Survey results also will be useful in formulating statewide work force and labor availability policies and programs.

Operating Revenues

Job Creation and Replacement Hires


Unfilled Positions