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Business in Nebraska vol. 58, no. 676


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In the twenty-first century, Nebraska promises to be more diverse, benefiting from the rich culture of our Hispanic, Asian, and European immigrants. In Colfax, Dakota, and Dawson counties, about one in five residents has a Hispanic background. These immigrants empower the state's vital industries with manpower and commitment, allowing these industries to prosper, despite current sluggish economic conditions. In addition , since immigrants are both workers and consumers, their spending on food, clothing, housing, and other items supports employment opportunities and helps i n~rease the incomes of other residents. Immigrants from Latin America provide the largest inflow of labor and culture to Nebraska. The terms Hispanic and Latino are used interchangeably and refer to a group of Americans who share common cultural origins and language. However, Hispanics come from diverse nations and backgrounds with distinctive histories as well as socioeconomic and political experiences.

Immigrant Growth Trends-U.S. and Nebraska

Countries of Origin

Ages of Immigrants

Educational Attainment