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A Bureau of Business Research Report From the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Used by permission.


The entertainment industry is part of the growing service sector in the state and national economy. The industry both creates employment opportunities and contributes to the quality of life within communities. To fully grow the entertainment industry, however, a city requires appropriate venues to host entertainment events. In the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, there has been a recent proposal to develop a new arena facility for this growing City. The following report addresses some of the economic consequences of developing a new arena in Lincoln. In particular, the report estimates the potential economic impact of the proposed project, that is, the net increase in business receipts, employment and income the project can bring to Lincoln. Analysis is conducted both for the construction phase of the project as well as the annual impact when the proposed arena is in operation.

This preliminary study, however, does not address some of the other economic consequences of the proposed arena. First, the current study is not a fiscal analysis. There is no attempt to estimate the changes in revenues and expenses to the City of Lincoln due to the arena project. These issues are only discussed as they pertain to the economic impact. Second, the current study also is not a benefit-cost analysis. The study does not consider the economic consequences of the arena’s contribution to the City’s quality-of-life.