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February 1983


Originally published 1983 by Indiana University Press.
Copyright (c) 1983 Paul A. Johnsgard.


Cranes are a group of birds that can lift the human spirit as few other wild animals can do; their great size, marvelous soaring abilities, humanoid traits such as "dancing," and penetrating voices, all strike deep into the human psyche and forcefully remind us of the beauty and mystery of the natural world around us. We cannot lose even a single species of crane without seriously rendering our own existence that much poorer. It is in that spirit that I decided to write the present book, which I hope will be of value to ecologists, ethologists, conservationists, aviculturalists, and anyone else who has any interest in this splendid group of birds.

All world species of cranes are described and discussed. The work is 278 pages, with 23 color and 24 black-and-white photographs, plus numerous drawings and maps by the author.

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