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Published in Molecular Biology of Tomato: Fundamental Advances and Crop Improvement, ed. John I. Yoder (Lancaster & Basel: Technomic, 1993), pp. 239–249.


Copyright 1993 Technomic Publishing Company, Inc.


I N this overview strategies are discussed that are currently being tested in our laboratory in an effort to engineer resistance against tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV) in plants. TBSV is chosen as a model-system since this is an economically important RNA virus that is well characterized at the molecular level and the virus has some interesting and potentially useful features that can be exploited to produce resistant plants. Moreover, we anticipate that the information derived from our studies with TBSV will be applicable in developing resistance to other plant viruses. Some approaches that we are attempting to apply to TBSV have been described previously for other virus-systems, whereas other strategies represent novel tactics. This overview will also illustrate that some methods are in an advanced stage of implementation, whereas others are still being tested at a very elementary model-system level. The effectiveness of most strategies remains to be evaluated but we will present our progress to date, consider the implications of certain findings for future developments, and point out directions we intend to take with the TBSV program.