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Journal of Bacteriology, Nov. 1967m, p. 1679-1683, Vol. 94, No. 5


Copyright 1967 American Society for Microbiology.


Cells and spent growth media from sulfur- and thiosulfate-grown cultures of Thiobacillus thiooxidans were analyzed. The phosphatides were examined by thinlayer chromatography, and the products of their hydrolysis by hydrochloric acid and methanolic potassium hydroxide were separated by paper chromatography. The phospholipids in both cells and spent growth media were identified as phosphatidyl ethanolamine, phosphatidyl N-monomethylethanolamine, phosphatidyl glycerol, and diphosphatidyl glycerol. These comprised about 97% of the total lipid phosphorus. Lyso-phosphatidyl-N-monomethylethanolamine and lysophosphatidylglycerol accounted for the remaining 3%. The percentage of the total lipid phosphorus accounted for by each phospholipid depended on the age of the culture.

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