Papers in the Biological Sciences


Date of this Version

July 1896


Published in Science [N.S. Vol. IV, No. 83].


It is with peculiar pleasure that I stand before this new department of Natural Science Instruction, and I deem it a great honor that you have asked me to preside over its deliberations. It is an important sign of the times that such a department as this should have been organized by the scientific men of the country. It is significant of a broader view of the work of scientific men that we find so many here to-day to take part in the first meeting of a department which has for its object the discussion of questions pertaining to the teaching of science. I am assured that the movement which culminates in our gathering today is timely, and that it is but the visible expression of the feeling which has been steadily growing among scientific workers that the time is near at hand for a restatement as to the place of science in the education of a man. I congratulate you that you are among those who are to take part in this movement, and I trust that great good will result from your efforts.