Papers in the Biological Sciences


Date of this Version

February 1901


Published in Science [N.S. Vol. XIII, No. 321].


A little more than a year ago at the annual meeting of the Society for Plant Morphology and Physiology, held in New Haven, a committee, consisting of Dr. Farlow of Harvard University, Dr. MacDougal of the New York Botanical Garden and Dr. von Schrenk of the Missouri Botanical Garden, was appointed to consider the question of securing better reviews of current botanical literature. A preliminary report was made by this Committee last June, a t a special meeting of the Society held in New York a t the time of the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I n this report the committee includes the correspondence between the secretary of the Society, Professor Ganong of Smith College, and Dr. Oscar Uhlworm of Cassel, Germany, the Editor-in-Chief of the Botanisehes Centralblatt. Realizing that the aim of the Centralblatt is to publish such reviews and that it is inadvisable to multiply journals, the committee suggested some changes in the plan and management of that publication.