Biological Systems Engineering


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Published in the Journal of Hydrology 140 (1992): 313-341. Copyright 1992, Elsevier.


Equations which relate sediment delivery to a power function of flow rate and slope gradient were calculated in this study. The data used to parameterize the calculations were obtained from sites where crop residues had been removed. and moldboard plowing and disking had occurred. Measurements of sediment delivery resulting from simulated rainfall were obtained from preformed rills and interrill areas. The equations provided reliable sediment delivery estimates for selected soils located throughout the United States. To use the sediment delivery equations, soil-related parameter values must be identified. Multiple regression analyses were performed to relate parameter values used in the equations to selected soil properties. Equations were also developed for estimating rill sediment delivery under rainfall conditions from rill soil loss and discharge data collected without the addition of rainfall. The equations identified in this study, and appropriate soils information, can be used to predict sediment delivery on both rill and interrill areas