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Published in final edited form as: Adv Healthc Mater. 2013 July ; 2(7): 1019–1027. doi:10.1002/adhm.201200250.

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Assuring cell adhesion to an underlying biomaterial surface is vital in implant device design and tissue engineering, particularly under circumstances where cells are subjected to potential detachment from overriding fl uid fl ow. Cell–substrate adhesion is a highly regulated process involving the interplay of mechanical properties, surface topographic features, electrostatic charge, and biochemical mechanisms. At the nanoscale level, the physical properties of the underlying substrate are of particular importance in cell adhesion. Conventionally, natural, pro-adhesive, and often thrombogenic, protein biomaterials are frequently utilized to facilitate adhesion. In the present study, nanofabrication techniques are utilized to enhance the biological functionality of a synthetic polymer surface, polymethymethacrylate, with respect to cell adhesion. Specifi cally we examine the effect on cell adhesion of combining: 1. optimized surface texturing, 2. electrostatic charge and 3. cell adhesive ligands, uniquely assembled on the substrata surface, as an ensemble of nanoparticles trapped in nanowells. Our results reveal that the ensemble strategy leads to enhanced, more than simply additive, endothelial cell adhesion under both static and fl ow conditions. This strategy may be of particular utility for enhancing fl ow-resistant endothelialization of blood-contacting surfaces of cardiovascular devices subjected to flow-mediated shear.

Riley AHM 2013 SUPPL 1 movie.wmv (4013 kB)
1: The movie for vibrational droplet manipulation to saturate the nanoparticles into the nanowells

Riley AHM 2013 SUPPL 2.tif (791 kB)
2: Biochamber design.

Riley AHM 2013 SUPPL 3 movie.wmv (26239 kB)
3: The movie for biochamber operation.

Riley AHM 2013 SUPPL 4.pdf (101 kB)