Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


Date of this Version

August 2000


As a former Controller, I’ve recognized that Wildlife Officers usually end up producing hand-counted reports that often fail to highlight critical data such as species trends, primary attractants, dispersant ratios, migration timings, etc. I have written a software program that specifically addresses this problem. AIRMAN (Animal Interdiction Report Manager) is a complete stand-alone program that reports on all aspects of wildlife intervention. There are no calculations to be made, nor any wading through a myriad of daily logs for answers. CYYZ have seen the advantage and have implemented this software already. It produces Line Graphics to display trends based on the species or groups etc. It utilizes pie charts and bar graphs to produce Monthly Killed, Monthly Strike, Annual and Daily Reports to name a few, as well as a Statistical Analysis Report that displays and totals along with data comparisons such as “Bird to Plane” and “Birdstrike to Plane” ratios. AIRMAN provides a powerful Drill-Down Query engine that lets you focus in on a specific problem. It also manages aviary stocks and wildlife tagged or kept for Rehabilitation. In summary, any wildlife encountered and it’s surrounding variables, equipment and methods used on that wildlife is recorded and can be immediately recalled for analysis.