Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


Date of this Version

August 2001


Considerable improvements have been made in the fogging application of Rejex-it® TP-40. Much has been learned about the type of fog generated by these machines and the resulting efficiency. Many foggers have been proven to deliver the product in the desired form, while others were only useful under special conditions, but no single piece of equipment is suitable for all situations. Generally, thermal foggers (e.g., Golden Eagle) produce the best fog with a good droplet size in areas where they can be employed. Their drawback for many operations by a trained technician is the noise they generate and the open flames during operation. Battery operated ULV foggers are quiet and can be fully automated, even in remote areas, which is a requirement for agricultural applications. Also, they tend to generate a fog that is less visible, so that birds cannot see the reason for the unpleasant experience. Newer machines with automation (e.g., BICO 2000) are not only capable to cover large areas with a minimum of product, but also can produce a fog that is nearly invisible and similar to thermal foggers in droplet size (e.g., Birdhazer).