Bird Strike Committee Proceedings


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Presented at 2011 Bird Strike North America Conference, September 12-15, 2011, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


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•FAA Guidance on WHAs
•FAA and USDA Relationship
•USDA Competition vs Private Sector
•Airport Wildlife - Canada vs USA
•Case Histories: Inconsistencies in WHA Contracting
•Questions and Comments

Thesis Statement

•USDA has long enjoyed a sole-source monopoly with the FAA for airport wildlife work, including WHAs and Control
•Despite guidelines ostensibly created to enhance opportunity for Private Sector, this USDA monopoly largely persists
USDA WS functions as private enterprise and illegally competes for federal contract dollars

The FAA requires airfields handling commercial aircraft to address wildlife hazards if a real or potential wildlife problem is present (FAR Part 139).

AC 150/5200-36 The Guiding Light of Airport Wildlife Work

•Authored by Ed Cleary, career USDA (1974-78, 84-95), joined FAA (1995-2006) then retired. Private Sector consultant today.
•Issued 2006, Revised as 36A July 2011
AC = Apparent Conundrum
•Allows for one to conduct WHA only if prior WHA experience OR if working under “mentor” who has that experience

Mentorship and Training

•Opportunity for ex-USDA to have hand in the WHA pie even if not primary contractor
•Adds $15-25,000 to budget for a non-QAWB
•More oversight and scrutiny with 36A
•Is this now a negative from airport perspective???
•More reqs for training airport personnel

AC 150/5200-36A

•In 2006 when issued ONLY USDA (+ mil) personnel had requisite WHA experience •Clearly favors USDA or former USDA
Test: Is there similar AC-level guidance for other safe airfield operations professionals and/or staff?
•NO! Just for Bird Counters that might infringe upon USDA's $$ Monopoly

Professional Standards

•Airport Engineers?
•Airport Architects?
•Airport Directors?
•Airport Operations Managers?

Are they under the same microscope as Bird Counting Biologists? NO!