Biological Systems Engineering


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Presented at 241st American Chemical Society national meeting, March 28, 2011,
Anaheim, CA. Copyright 2011 Adam J. Liska and Xiao Xue Fang.



• Regulatory LCA is not likely to be used for non‐fuel chemicals alone in the near future

• Significant GHG emission credits for corn‐ethanol can be obtained by using only roughly 6‐9% of initial starch for production of biopolymers based on previous LCA theory

• Pay close attention to values in calculating credits per kg—these have to stand up in litigation to ensure the credit

• Credits are proportional to the mass of polymer produced

• Many theoretical issues are uncertain and credits will only be determined in conjunction with EPA

• Indirect emissions are uncertain and are a dominant factor in determining total life cycle GHG emissions and the importance of potential co‐product credits from biopolymers