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From: The Computer and the Decision-Making Process, edited by Terry B. Gutkin and Steven L. Wise (Hillsdale, New Jersey, Hove & London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991) .


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The Computer And The Decision-Making Process


Preface ix

1. Computer-Assisted Personality Test Interpretation: The Dawn of Discovery
Douglas N. Jackson

Some Preconditions for Valid Computer- Assisted Test Interpretation 1
The Dawn of Discovery 6
References 9

2. Psychodiagnostic Computing: From Interpretive Programs to Expert Systems 11
Marley W Watkins and Paul A. McDermott

Development of Administration and Interpretation Programs 11
Novel Administration and Interpretation Programs 14
Computerized Interpretation Systems 16
A Psychoeducational Diagnostic Model 19
A Computerized Psychoeducational Diagnostic System 23
Summary 36
References 37

3. Assessment of Validity in Computer-Based Test Interpretations
Kevin L. Moreland

Some History 44
Types of CBTI Systems 45
Validity Studies to Date 51
How to Validate "Automated Clinical" CBTIS 66
Epilogue 67
References 68

4. The Validity of Computer-Based Test Interpretations of the MMPI
Lorraine D. Eyde, Dennis M. Kowal, and Francis J. Fishburne, Jr.

MMPI Elements for CBTI Use 77
Criticisms of Research on CBTI Systems 80
WRAMC Research Design and Setting 81
Results 93
Discussion 110
Further Research 113
References 114
Appendix A 117
Appendix B 120

5. Use of Computer Technology in Behavioral Assessments
Thomas R. Kratochwill, Elizabeth J. Dol/, and W Patrick Dickson

Dimensions of Behavioral Assessment 127
Applications of Microcomputers in Behavioral Assessment 129
Considerations in the Use of Computer- Based Behavioral Assessment 142
Conclusions 149
References 150

6. The Use of the Computer in the Practice of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Lyle F. Schoenfeldt and Jorge L. Mendoza

Human Resource Planning 156
Job Analysis 158
Selection 159
Placement 161
Performance Evaluation 164
Computer-Based Training 166
Career Progression 168
Organizational Issues 172
Summary 173
References 174

7. Implementation Decisions in Designing Computer-Based Instructional Testing Programs
John V Noonan and Paul D. Sarvela

Introduction 177
Summary 194
References 194
Appendix A 196

8. Issues in Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction: Evaluation and Measurement
Harold F. O'Neil, Jr., and Eva L. Baker

Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction (ICAI) 199
Artificial Intelligence and Test Development 217
References 221

9. Legal Issues in Computerized Psychological Testing
Donald N. Bersoff and Paul J. Hofer

The Legal Profession's Response to CPT 226
Psychology's Response to CPT 228
Rights and Responsibilities of Professionals 230
Intellectual Property 232
The Rights of Test Takers 239
Conclusion 241
References 242

10. Guidelines for Computer Testing
Bert F. Green

Establishing the Equivalence of Scores 247
Test Administration 250
Test Interpretations 251
References 253
Appendix 254
The User's Responsibilities 257
Guidelines for Users of Computer-Based Tests and Interpretations 259
The Developer's Responsibilities 263
Guidelines for the Developers of Computer-Based Test Services 265
References 272

Author Index 275
Subject Index 285