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Part I: Small Farming Systems for the Midwest Small farms are real farms. 1 John Ikerd

A time to act for family-sized farms. 7 Chuck Hassebrook

Successful systems for market gardening 13 Lynn Byczynski

Hogs, hoop houses, and holistic management: A diversified crop/livestock farm 23 Tom Frantzen

Trees and herbs: A multi-storied agricultural system for southeastern Iowa 29 Tom Wahl, Kathy Dice

Integrating quality of life, economic and environmental issues: An agroecosystem analysis of Amish farming 39 Deborah Stinner, Richard Moore, Benjamin Stinner, Fred Hitzhusen

Adding value: Pastured-poultry, direct marketing and other strategies 47 Muriel Barrett

Integrating management-intensive grazing with crop production 53 Tom Larson

A diversified organic crop/livestock system .59 Dave Welsch

Making a small farm work: Lessons from a vineyard and winery 67 Larry Mawby, Lori Hall Steele

The economics of small farms. 73 Michael Duffy

IX Part II: Reintegrating Agriculture and Community in the Midwest

Feeding the village first, 83 Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society

Getting it straight before we eat ourselves to death: From food system to foodshed in the 21st century. 99 Jack Kloppenburg, Sharon Lezberg

City Sprouts , 107 Kate Brown

Lincoln's Historic Haymarket Farmers' Market .111 Billene Nemec

The Green Corridor Project: Tools for preserving farmland and open space 115 Michael Pressman

Community Supported Agriculture 129 Molly Bartlett, Holly Harman Fackler

Strengthening the local food economy through involving institutional food buyers 139 Kamyar Enshayan

Profile of a Kansas beef co-op: From ranch to retail supermarket 147 Diana Endicott, Lisa Bauer

The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing 153 Neil Hamilton

Developing an infrastructure for local processing of agricultural products 159 Jill Gifford, Steve Wang

Growing the three sisters: Community organizing and local food systems 163 Robert Karp