Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, College of (CASNR)



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Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources was selected as one of 16 recognized innovators of undergraduate education.

The report includes a list of administrators and staff, the academic unit administrators, CASNER standing committees, departmental news and events, information about students and student organizations, honors, Dean's List, degrees conferred, graduate fellowships, scholarships, alumni, Curriculum Committee actions, substitutions and waivers, distance education, recruitment, retention, and placement, international affairs, teaching faculty, faculty awards and recognition, faculty publications, faculty presentations, grants funded, faculty appointments, undergraduate student enrollment, graduate student enrollment, and enrollment charts.

Highlights from the College during 2010-2011 include:

 The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine Graduates (PPVM) graduated the first 23 students this spring at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine commencement. Three of the top four students in ISU's graduating class were from the PPVM program.

 During the past six years (2005-2010) CASNR undergraduate enrollment has grown 48.9%.

 Our College has the highest retention rate (90% freshman to sophomore) at UNL.

 We have 40 student organizations that enrich the undergraduate experience.

 During the 2010-2011 academic year, the College awarded 932 scholarships to 800 students amounting to over $863,644.

 CASNR has a global campus with 69 students studying in 10 countries during the 2010-2011 academic year and summer 2011.

 Nearly 418 students participated in credentialed undergraduate research (56 in UCARE and the remainder in for-credit undergraduate research activities) and another 292 reported that they had a formal internship.

 Based on the Nebraska Foundation records (through May 2011 graduation), the College has 20,981 graduates.

This annual report is dedicated to Walt and Virginia Bagley in recognition of their generous gift of Prairie Pines to the University of Nebraska Foundation. The 145 acres of land just east of Lincoln will be a research arboretum that will serve as an outdoor learning laboratory.