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December 1991


Published in Journal of Economic Issues 25:4 (December 1991), pp. 1184–1186. Copyright © 1991 Association for Evolutionary Economics. Used by permission.


Walter A. Jackson's Gunnar Myrdal and America's Conscience is more than a biographical sketch of a unique political economist. It is a fine piece of intellectual history that institutionalists, in particular, will appreciate. Jackson gracefully examines the development of Myrdal's thought as a political economist and its influence on his study of race relations, paying mindful attention to the historical context and personal influences shaping Myrdal's work. As a result of Jackson's research, we understand more fully not only the influence of Myrdal's approach as a political economist on his study of race relations, but the way Myrdal impacted the American agenda in the important area of race relations.

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