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May 2006


Published in American Economic Review, 96:2 (May 2006), pp. 516-518. Copyright © 2006 American Economic Association. Used by permission.


The CEE sponsored three paper sessions as part of the AEA program at the 2006 ASSA annual meetings. The first focused on “Research on Teaching Innovations.” It was organized by Paul Romer and chaired by Charles Ballard. The paper by Susan Pozo and Charles Stull studies the results of a required mathematics unit on students’ overall class performance. The second paper, by Sheryl Ball, Catherine Eckel, and Christian Rojas, reports the results of a controlled experiment testing the effectiveness of the Wireless Interactive Teaching System (WITS) at Virginia Tech. The third paper, by Wayne Grove and Tim Wasserman, reports results in cognitive achievement gains in an introductory economics course by assigning graded problem sets. The session discussants were Julian Betts, Frank Levy, and Michael Murray. The three papers are published in this issue of the Papers and Proceedings.

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