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Duran, A., Foste, Z., Garcia, C. E., Snipes, J. T. (2022). How campus space becomes white place: Advancing a spatial analysis of whiteness in higher education. Journal of College Student Development, 63(6), 611-625.


Space and place are central to understanding the production and maintenance of racial inequality in the United States. Though examinations of the racialized dynamics of space are present in other disciplines, higher education scholars have infrequently interrogated how space becomes racialized on college campuses. This conceptual paper functions as a much-needed intervention, articulating how the racialization of space at historically white colleges and universities occurs and the subsequent consequences for Students of Color. In particular, we describe how physical campus spaces historically become racialized as white, how such spaces are maintained and fortified, and the consequences of racialized space on Students of Color. We then provide implications for theory development, research, and practice.