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Reyes, H. L., Duran, A., & Garcia, C. E. (2022, February 24). What Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL) Professionals Learn About Navigating Their Positionalities When Advising and Advocating for Culturally Based SFL Organizations. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Advance online publication.


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Despite the growing literature on culturally based sororities and fraternities, little research has examined how practitioners on college campuses support these organizations. This constructivist narrative study addressed this gap by centering the stories of fifteen sorority and fraternity life professionals who advised culturally based sororities and fraternities. In particular, this research project examined how participants reflected on their social identities and affiliation statuses as they built the multicultural competence needed to advise these organizations. Findings revealed how participants attempted to establish connections with students through shared experiences and marginalization, as well as how they also recognized the limitations of their own positionalities. Moreover, professionals discussed how they engaged in action to support these organizations in vastly different manners. We conclude with implications for research, together with recommendations for practice pertaining to those who work within and beyond sorority and fraternity life.