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Clark, B.A. (2017). Project Based Learning: Assessing and Measuring Student Participation (Master's project).


This paper includes a literature review exploring the major components of project-based learning (PBL) followed by an analysis of research conducted in a classroom utilizing project-based learning concepts. The literature review includes an in-depth look at terminology and elements to be included in PBL projects and how PBL differs from traditional classroom projects. It also discusses assessment techniques and the benefits on students of implementing PBL. The focus of the review is on the idea that with more student control over their own learning, the more motivated students will be to complete and succeed. With student influence and participation at the core of PBL, the curriculum research was used to determine if students with different propensities for learning are in fact more willing to participate and perform at a higher level. The research component includes the PBL methods that were used and changed throughout a semester and if the use of PBL in a classroom had any significant effect on student participation and success.