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The inventors of this invention are Booth; Richard B. (Pfugerville, TX), Cooper; Emanuel I. (Riverdale, NY), Giess; Edward A. (Mooresville, SC), Kordus; Mark R. (Ninety-Six, SC), Krongelb; Sol (Katonah, NY), Ostrander; Steven P. (Scotia, NY), Roldan; Judith M. (Ossining, NY), Sambucetti; Carlos J. (Croton-on-Hudson, NY), Saraf; Ravi (Lincoln,NE) .Any other relevant information about this paten can be obtained from the following link of united states patent. United States patent no 5,545,429


The present invention is directed to a process of a method for the full metallization of thru-holes in a polymer structure comprising the steps of applying a film-forming amount of a conductive polymer-metal composite paste to a metal cathode; bonding a patterned polymer structure to said paste; subjecting said polymer structure to an electrolytic plating bath for a time sufficient to fully metallize thru-hole surfaces in said patterned polymer structure and removing the structure from the cathode assembly. The fully metallized thru-hole polymer structure can then be cleaned and polished to produce a finished product.