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The inventors of this patent are:Angelopoulos; Marie (Cortlandt Manor, NY), Brusic; Vlasta A. (Amawalk, NY), Graham; Teresita Ordonez (Irvington, NY), Purushothaman; Sampath (Yorktown Heights, NY), Saraf; Ravi.F(Lincoln,NE), Shaw; Jane Margaret (Ridgefield, CT), Roldan; Judith Marie (Ossining, NY), Viehbeck; Alfred (Fishkill, NY) . Any further information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of united states patent . United States Patent number 5,700,398


A composition containing a polymeric matrix and a conductive filler component is provided. The conductive filler component comprises conductive particles and a polymer selected from the group consisting of substituted and unsubstituted polyanilines, substituted and unsubstituted polyparaphenylenevinylenes, substituted and unsubstituted polythiophenes, substituted and unsubstituted polyazines, substituted and unsubstituted polyparaphenylenes, substituted and unsubstituted polyfuranes, substituted and unsubstituted polypyrroles, substituted and unsubstituted polyselenophene, substituted and unsubstituted poly-p-phenylene sulfides and substiututed and unsubstituted polyacetylenes, and mixtures thereof, and copolymers thereof. Compositions of the present invention are useful as corrosion protecting layers for metal substrates, for electrostatic discharge protection, electromagnetic interference shielding, and as adhesives for interconnect technology as alternatives to solder interconnections. In addition, films of polyanilines are useful as corrosion protecting layers with or without the conductive metal particles.