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The inventors of this patent are : Ardakani; Ali Afzali (Yorktown Heights, NY), Angelopoulos; Marie (Briarcliff Manor, NY), Bourgault; Vincent Albert (Rochester, MN), Comerford; Liam David (Carmel, NY), Mirre; Michael Wayne (Lexington, KY), Molis; Steven Earle (Yorktown Heights, NY), Saraf; Ravi (Lincoln, NE), Shaw; Jane Margaret (Ridgefield, CT), Spellane; Peter Joseph (Greenwich, CT), Patel; Niranjan Mohanlal (Peekskill, NY). And any other relevant information about this patent can be found at the following link of united states patent no.6168732


The present invention relates to electrically conductive polymer blend compositions comprising a non-conducting polymeric component and an electrically conducting polymeric component and specific applications to which the blend compositions can be put.