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Expression of a heterologous protein C in mammary tissue of transgenic animals using a long whey acidic protein promoter

William H. Velander, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Document Type Article

The inventors of this patent are :Lubon; Henryk (Derwood, MD), Drohan; William N. (Springfield, VA), Hennighausen; Lothar (Chevy Chase, MD), Velander; William H. (Lincoln, NE) and the relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following website of united satates patent. United States Patent No.6,262,336


An isolated DNA sequence which regulates the expression of a heterologous gene composed of a mouse whey acidic protein promoter having a length of greater than about 2.4 kb extending upstream from the unique KpnI site in the mouse whey acidic protein gene is disclosed. Specifically a mouse whey acidic protein promoter of about 4.1-4.2 kb in length extending upstream from the unique KpnI site is preferred. This mouse whey acid protein promoter is operably linked to a DNA sequence encoding a heterologous polypeptide and used to prepare transgenic non-human mammals expressing the heterologous polypeptide in their milk. Particularly efficient expression of both cDNAs and genomic DNAs encoding heterologous polypeptides was obtained in transgenic non-human mammals using this promoter, known as the long whey acidic protein promoter.