Civil and Environmental Engineering



Ronald K. Faller

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FHWA Contract No. DTFH71-90-C-00035


The Coordinated Federal Lands Highways Technology Improvement Program (CTIP) was developed with the purpose of serving the immediate needs of those who design and construct Federal Lands Highways, including Indian Reservation roads, National Park roads and parkways, and forest highways. A wide assortment of guardrails, bridge rails and transitions are being used on roads under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and other Federal agencies. These guardrails, bridge rails and transitions are intended to blend in with the roadside in order to preserve the visual integrity of the parks and parkways. However, many of them have never been crash tested (1,2). A testing program was developed in order to ensure that the safety hardware used in these areas are safe for the traveling public. The Steel Backed Log Rail was included in the second Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) testing program - Guardrail Testing Program II.