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Published in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 67:4 (October 2005), pp. 682-684. Copyright © 2005 Catholic Biblical Association of America.


C. D. Elledge has presented a thorough study of the section of the Temple Scroll known as “The Statutes of the King” (cols. 56-59 of 11QTemplea). Since Yigael Yadin’s magisterial edition of the most complete manuscript of the Temple Scroll, 11Q19, in 1977 (rev. Eng. ed. 1983), two or three further manuscripts of the Temple Scroll have been published: 11QTempleb and 11QTemplec? by Florentino García Martínez et al. in 1997, and the important 4QRouleau de Temple (4Q524) by Emile Puech in 1998. E. uses all the available manuscript evidence for cols. 56-59 to construct a critical edition with notes and commentary. ... E.’s work is a helpful addition to the burgeoning bibliography on the Temple Scroll and should be on the shelf of all serious scholars of that work.

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