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APL Mater. 4, 116109 (2016)


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We report the fabrication of a set of new rare-earth-free magnetic compounds, which form the Fe3Co3Ti2-type hexagonal structure with P-6m2 symmetry. Neutron powder diffraction shows a significant Fe/Co anti-site mixing in the Fe3Co3Ti2 structure, which has a strong effect on the magnetocrystalline anisotropy as revealed by first-principle calculations. Increasing substitution of Fe atoms for Co in the Fe3Co3Ti2 lattice leads to the formation of Fe4Co2Ti2 , Fe5CoTi, and Fe6Ti2 with significantly improved permanent-magnet properties. A high magnetic anisotropy (13.0 Mergs/cm3) and sat- uration magnetic polarization (11.4 kG) are achieved at 10 K by altering the atomic arrangements and decreasing Fe/Co occupancy disorder.