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The Review of Communication 2:4 (October 2002), pp. 368–372.


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In Feminist Rhetorical Theories, Karen Foss joins Sonja Foss and Cindy Griffin to provide deeper insight into the origins of their critique of rhetoric and their advocacy of invitational rhetoric by reviewing the backgrounds of and arguments made by several feminist theorists who suggest that patriarchal values are embedded within the core tenets of traditional rhetorical theory. The first two chapters of the book review the core concepts of rhetoric, feminism, and theory and provide a brief overview of feminist scholarship that has been published within communication studies over the past thirty years. Following these introductory chapters, Foss, Foss, and Griffin summarize the scholarly writing of several feminists who inspired their own scholarship. These feminist writers include two notable women who have taught within the discipline of communication studies, Cheris Kramerae and Sally Miller Gearhart. Other featured scholars include bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldúa, Mary Daly, Starhawk, Paula Gunn Allen, Trinh T. Minh-ha, and Sonia Johnson.