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Published in Management Communication Quarterly 22:4 (May 2009), pp. 639-641; doi 10.1177/0893318909332073 Copyright © 2009 Sage Publications. Used by permission.


With this issue, my 3-year term as Forum Editor comes to a close. Dur¬ing that time I have been both inspired and humbled by the opportunity to work with scholars near and far to create space for what I envisioned could be a variety of conversations about organizational communication. I began my term when the journal was entering its 20th year, and Jim Barker and I decided to mark that event by seeking essays from previ¬ous Management Communication Quarterly editors reflecting on their vi¬sion and hopes for the journal, whether those were realized, and the chal¬lenges each faced at the time (Volume 20, Issue 4). As I read each editor’s account, I was struck by the enduring and shared commitment to sup¬port both interdisciplinary and international research and the challenges involved in doing so. I resolved to reinforce those commitments when I could throughout my service to the journal. Even though my term as Fo¬rum Editor is ending, I hope that many of the conversations begun in Fo¬rum space throughout the past 3 years are just beginning and will inspire growth in how organizational communication is understood and studied and in what it can become.

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