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Published in The 2006 IEEE 2006 International Conference on Ultra-Wideband, 24-27 Sept. 2006 Pages 55 - 60. ©2006 IEEE.


Interleaved coding-modulation (ICM) is a recently proposed method for ultra-wideband impulse radio (UWBIR) systems. ICM exploits the concept of chip interleaving, allowing to alleviate the problem of inter-symbol and inter-pulse interference commonly present in high data rate UWB-IR systems. In this paper, previous work on ICM is extended to scarcely populated multi-user scenarios. A novel design of a deterministic chip interleaver based on time-hopping hyperbolic congruence sequences is proposed. Furthermore, the main parameters of the random and hyperbolic interleavers are reviewed. The obtained results indicate that the proposed type of interleaver yields similar performance to random interleavers but with the advantage of simpler implementation.