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Published in Global Telecommunications Conference, 1998. GLOBECOM 98. The Bridge to Global Integration. IEEE Volume 4, 8-12 Nov. 1998 Page(s):1919 - 1923. Copyright 1998 IEEE.


In the paper, we present simulation results for the 13 channel DS CDMA WATM LAN utilising optimized complex spreading signatures based on Walsh- Rademacber functions. The method to obtain those optimized spreading signatures, as well as the full set of the coefficients giving the minimum level of crosscorrelation between any pair of the channels is shown. The resultant system BER as well as the distribution of errors within WATM cells is given. The obtained results indicate that with the application of a hybrid ARQ scheme, capable of correcting 10 errors, the number of WATM cells which would require retransmission is in the order of 0.6%.